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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Traffic Congestion in US Metro Areas

INRIX, Inc. is a leading-provider of traffic information. INRIX has analyzed and compared traffic congestion in top 100 metro areas in the US each year since 2007. Their latest report states that traffic congestion dropped 30 percent last year compared to 2010. Only 30 metro areas saw increased congestion last year. Here is an interesting finding: Tuesday 8 AM was the busiest morning commute hour, while Friday 5:30 PM was the busiest evening commute hour.

While one would expect Los Angeles, New York, Boston or Chicago to make up the worst metro areas for traffic, the top honor goes to Honolulu, where one wastes 58 hours annually due to traffic congestion. Here is a list of top ten worst metro areas for traffic congestion showing number of hours wasted annually due to traffic:

1. Honolulu (58 hours)
2. Los Angeles (56 hours)
3. San Francisco (48 hours)
4. New York (57 hours
5. Bridgeport, CT (42 hours)
6. Washington, D.C. (45 hours)
7. Seattle (33 hours)
8. Austin (30 hours)
9. Boston (35 hours)
10. Chicago (36 hours)

Here is a video on Stockholm's approach to traffic congestion:

Reference: Traffic Scorecard, http://inrix.com/scorecard/summary.asp
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